Hold Up Waze Ads?

Waze Ads

Waze Ads? Hold up! What is Waze?

Waze is one of my all time favorite phone apps.  It is simply the best gps app due to the accuracy of their crowdsourced traffic data.

Waze is becoming more popular everyday.  The Israeli startup was bought by Google for a reported 1.3 billion dollars back in 2013 so they must have been doing something good.

Waze Ads gives anyone the ability to place an ad at their location within the map.  A Waze ad is a simple and affordable way for you to be found and stand out from other local competitors and retailers.

Waze Ads require a minimum of $50 a month budget.  We think the investment is a worthwhile investment and use Waze ads for Taul Solutions.

Let us know if you are interested in Waze Ads.  Taul Solutions is ready to setup and manage your company’s future Waze ad campaign.