Time Wasted Facebook Ads

Stop Wasting My Time Facebook Ads

Timeout Facebook AdsI am sick and tired of dealing with ad approval processes that waste time.  I am talking about Facebook’s ad approval process.

I own a web ad agency.  My Agency is a Google Partner.  While we primarily manage Google Adwords accounts; we also, manage campaigns on Bing, Yahoo, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and other paid ad platforms on the web.

Don’t get me wrong, Facebook Ads are highly effective when properly targeted with an intentional message. But the Facebook ad approval process can be counter intuitive, inaccurate, and a pain in my, well you get the point.

Facebook Ad Approval Examples

Facebook Ad Disapproved Screenshot

If I had to guess approximately 10-15% of the Facebook Ads our agency creates are not approved the first time. Let me give a couple examples:

  1. Every week we have experts in the local community post blogs related to their expertise on a local business directory we recently launched.  We have an image template that has been used 10-15 times to create other similar ads.  The Facebook Ads are normally approved, except for last week; 2 or 3 ads were disapproved for containing too much text in the image.  Normally, I would spend some time fixing the Ad; but, I didn’t have the time to waste, so I skipped them and didn’t pay Facebook to serve the ads.
  2. Last week I wanted to boost a post about Facebook privacy settings.  The ad copy was disapproved due to improper use of the Facebook trademark. I think we had used the term, “facebook.”  It wasn’t approved because the f was not capitalized. Again we were busy and didn’t fix the ad so it would serve.

How many Facebook page’s boost their post or create ads weekly? I have no clue; but, I would guess the number is somewhere in the 100’s of thousands.  If 50,000 customers attempted to boost 1 post for $5 last week and the ad was disapproved in error or due to an asinine ad policy, Facebook lost $250k in revenue.  If this continues for 52 weeks they would lose 13 million dollars in revenue.

Potential Time Wasted On Facebook Ad Approvals

Let’s use the 50,000 example again.  If those $5 boosts were disapproved due to an error in the approval process or because of an asinine policy how much time and money is wasted?

For the purpose of this example, the ad buyer has to spend 15 minutes dealing with the approval process.

Time & Money Wasted Weekly

  • 12,500 man hours are wasted
  • 1,592 business days lost
  • 312 business weeks lost
  • $312,500 in payroll wasted in payroll if the employee costs around $25 an hour.

Time & Money Wasted Yearly

  • 650,000 man hours are wasted
  • 81,250 business days lost
  • 16,250 business weeks lost
  • 16.25 million dollars in payroll wasted

Maybe Facebook doesn’t care about their lost revenue; but what wasting our time and money?  I would assume that this issue is an oversight by someone who doesn’t think it a big deal.  Or maybe I am the only one dealing with the issue; but, I doubt it.

Lastly, I understand every platform must have a policy to ensure a good user experience.  My only point is that Facebook’s ad policy is too strict and not accurately enforced.

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