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“Is it possible to increase company revenue through digital advertising? Yes, but only if a measurable & targeted strategy is implemented. We follow a specific recipe to ensure success: 1. Create ad campaigns that target the correct audience. 2. Display ads that are relevant to the targeted audience. 3. Implement conversion and goal tracking. 4. Analysis tracking results 5. Optimize with a continual improvement strategy. Contact Us Today – Your success is our priority”

Taul Solution’s goal is to provide technology systems that work for you. Our decision to launch a digital marketing agency was not made overnight. Through our online marketing experiences, we noticed that digital marketing agencies typically take advantage of their less informed clients. In an effort to develop affordable and profitable digital marketing campaigns, the decision was made manage our digital marketing in-house.

It wasn’t easy but after many late nights of trial and error we were successful. As a result, several of our clients asked for help with their digital marketing. The decision to provide digital marketing services to our clients began organically because of a need. Our clients did not want to manage their own digital advertising and most of them were paying a digital advertising agency to improperly manage their advertising budget. In an effort to provide digital advertising systems that were profitable, we decided to partner with our clients and properly manage their digital advertising campaigns. As a result, we have determined several variables that determine return on investment and create a successful digital advertising campaign.

Online Ads convert when they are thoughtfully targeted with concise & relevant ads. Conversion tracking is critical and must be based on logical metrics that are measurable. Conversion tracking data can be applied to targeted and relevant ads to increase conversions and your ROI.

Targeted Solutions

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Social Marketing
Conversion Tracking
Website Analytics